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specialist in fairy stories

Whoniversal aunt.
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Fannish inarticulacy a speciality! Plus sporadic life-whine to the tune of 'Greensleeves'.

Pontisbright lies in Suffolk, and is home to Amanda Fitton (the Miller of Pontisbright and Mr Albert Campion's 'lieut'). Residents of Pontisbright, Essex: please take up your dispute with Mrs. Margery Allingham.

FRIENDS: are nice. I'm rubbish at noticing when people add me so feel free to give me a kick. I'm not actually evil, but if I've said anything hurtful, or made you uncomfortable, or been casually brusque or any of the other stupid things it's very possible to be on the internets without knowing it, a happy unconditional defriending amnesty is perpetually in place. If you'd rather I removed you from my flist, just chuck me a PM.

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